From Neglected Crop to Leading Brand: The Inspiring Success Story of Zima Healthy Group

In 2017, a remarkable journey began with a vision to transform overlooked potential into a thriving venture. Zima Healthy Group emerged as a testament to the power of innovation and determination. Founded by Marie Ange Mukagahima, while pursuing her studies in International Economics, the company has since evolved into a symbol of excellence in both […]

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Daring to Shift: A Beacon of Transformation in Rwanda, the Digital Business Program

In 2019, a ground-breaking initiative known as “Daring to Shift” began to take root in various communities across Africa and the Middle East. This transformative multinational project was orchestrated by the Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT), and its impact over four years has been nothing short of remarkable in Rwanda and other countries of its operations.  […]


Empowering Rwanda’s Future: Unveiling the Impact of DOT’s Community Leadership Program

  In the bustling markets of Rwanda, the Community Leadership pillar of the Daring to Shift project by The Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) and funded by the Global Affairs of Canada(GAC) stands as a beacon of transformation. This dedicated initiative has been instrumental in supporting small and informal business owners, addressing a formidable challenge they […]


Empowering Change-Makers: Transforming Rwanda Through Social Entrepreneurship

In a nation poised for transformation and innovation, The Social Entrepreneurship Program has played a vital role, thanks to the visionary Daring to Shift Project. This initiative, powered by DOT Rwanda and supported by The Global Affairs of Canada, has been on a mission to empower the youth with the resources, knowledge, and networks needed […]


Empowering Through Innovation: Veronique Kamaraba’s Inspiring Journey with DOT Rwanda

Bridging the Gender Gap, Transforming Ecosystems, and Creating Opportunities In August 2022, Veronique Kamaraba embarked on a transformative journey with DOT Rwanda, taking on the role of a digital champion and business coach in the “Daring To Shift” Program. Little did she know that this journey would not only open the doors to her success […]


Transforming Waste into Wealth: The Remarkable Journey of Alain Remy Mutuzo

Subheading: Revolutionizing Agriculture, One Landfill at a Time In a world struggling with environmental challenges, Alain Remy Mutuzo a beneficiary of the social enterprises program of the Daring to Shift project implemented by DOT Rwanda funded by The Global Affairs of Canada,  stands as a beacon of innovation. Alain’s journey began with a realization that […]


Empowering His Community In Nyagarare District-Rwanda: Transitioning Skills from Digital Champion to Dedicated Agronomist

In an era defined by technological advancements and innovation, the transformative journey of Faustin Ngirabakunzi, from his role as a Digital Champion and Business Coach at DOT Rwanda, paints a compelling narrative of personal growth and profound community impact. This story unveils how Faustin’s evolution has not only enriched his own life but has also […]


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