From Neglected Crop to Leading Brand: The Inspiring Success Story of Zima Healthy Group

In 2017, a remarkable journey began with a vision to transform overlooked potential into a thriving venture. Zima Healthy Group emerged as a testament to the power of innovation and determination. Founded by Marie Ange Mukagahima, while pursuing her studies in International Economics, the company has since evolved into a symbol of excellence in both […]

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Empowering Young Minds: Esperance Akingeneye’s Journey in Early Childhood Education

In a world where education is the cornerstone of development, one young entrepreneur is making waves by nurturing the youngest minds. Meet Esperance Akingeneye, a visionary with an unwavering love for children and a burning passion for education. Her journey led to the creation of HOBE, a preschool, and nursery that’s redefining early childhood education. […]


Bee Raising Group Ltd: Empowering Youth and Transforming Communities through Honey Production

In the heart of the Kirehe district, Rwanda, a remarkable venture has emerged, led by Nsengimana Joseph. Bee Raising Group Ltd, established in 2020 by a group of motivated youths, has not only created employment opportunities but also contributed to the local economy by increasing the supply of honey and other beeswax-based products. This blog […]


Empowering Agri-Farmers and Entrepreneurs: Claudine Niyonsaba’s Success Story

In today’s interconnected world, technology has become a powerful tool for transforming businesses and empowering entrepreneurs. Claudine Niyonsaba, the CEO of Duhahe Online Ltd, has embarked on an incredible journey, linking agri-farmers and production from factories to consumers through her e-commerce platform. But her impact goes beyond the realm of her own business. As a […]


How NIYOMUBYEYI Marie Faustine is revolutionizing the Rwandan wine industry with locally grown fruits

NIYOMUBYEYI Marie Faustine is a Rwandan entrepreneur who is making waves in the country’s wine industry. With her company VYNES Limited, she is producing wines from locally grown fruits such as grapes, pineapple, and banana. Faustine saw an opportunity to create a new market for wine in Rwanda by using ingredients that are abundant in […]


The Inspiring Journey of FINA Mugwaneza: A Young Social Innovator Empowering Women Through Cassava Processing

In a small village in the Kamonyi district of Rwanda, FINA Mugwaneza had a dream to become a successful businesswoman. She saw the potential of cassava, a staple crop in her community, to be a source of economic opportunity for herself and other farmers. And so, she started a social enterprise that processes and supplies […]


Dukataze Saye Company Ltd: Empowering Girls to Overcome Health Challenges

Teenage pregnancy and menstruation stigma are major public health concerns that have long-lasting consequences for women and girls. In Rwanda, adolescent pregnancy is higher than the global average, and teen mothers are at a higher risk of experiencing health complications and economic challenges. Additionally, menstruation stigma can lead to inadequate access to menstrual hygiene products […]


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