Empowering Through Innovation: Veronique Kamaraba’s Inspiring Journey with DOT Rwanda

Bridging the Gender Gap, Transforming Ecosystems, and Creating Opportunities

In August 2022, Veronique Kamaraba embarked on a transformative journey with DOT Rwanda, taking on the role of a digital champion and business coach in the “Daring To Shift” Program. Little did she know that this journey would not only open the doors to her success but also bring about positive change in the lives of many others.

A Program That Transforms Lives

The “Daring to Shift” program, implemented by Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) from 2019 to 2023, has been a beacon of hope for over 136 local youth in Rwanda. More than that, it has touched the hearts and lives of over 7535 community beneficiaries. This inspiring success story underscores how this initiative, made possible through a partnership with the Government of Canada, has accomplished remarkable feats.

Empowering Women and Men

During her nine-month internship with DOT Rwanda, Veronique made a significant impact on her community. She facilitated 72 women and men in the Kamonyi district, imparting essential knowledge in business and digital literacy. The enthusiasm and commitment of the participants fueled her passion for training. She delivered DOT’s modules and provided guidance on other courses, including IREMBO, MIFOTRA (E-RECRUITMENT PORTAL), creating Google Documents, and installing applications like WhatsApp on their smartphones.

Skills and Confidence

Working closely with the community and collaborating with her peers and supervisors, Veronique honed her communication and coaching skills. The Daring To Shift Program provided opportunities to develop skills like public speaking and crafting a compelling curriculum vitae (CV). These newfound skills became instrumental in her journey toward her dream job.

Empowering Through Research

DOT Rwanda broadened Veronique’s research capacity. She had the opportunity to engage in community-based research, interviewing DOT Rwanda partners to understand their contributions to enhancing women’s and girls’ digital literacy. Witnessing the progress of women in the digital world and technology was truly inspiring.

The Sky is Not the Limit

In conclusion, Veronique’s journey with DOT Rwanda transformed her. It instilled confidence, helped her discover her talents, and honed her public speaking skills. Today, she serves as a compliance officer in the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), and her career is on an upward trajectory. Veronique expresses her heartfelt gratitude to DOT Rwanda for their unwavering support in her learning process.

Veronique Kamaraba’s story is a testament to the power of educational initiatives in creating opportunities, empowering individuals, and making a positive impact on communities. DOT Rwanda continues to be a beacon of hope, nurturing talents, and changing lives for the better.

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