Bee Raising Group Ltd: Empowering Youth and Transforming Communities through Honey Production

In the heart of the Kirehe district, Rwanda, a remarkable venture has emerged, led by Nsengimana Joseph. Bee Raising Group Ltd, established in 2020 by a group of motivated youths, has not only created employment opportunities but also contributed to the local economy by increasing the supply of honey and other beeswax-based products. This blog post delves into the inspiring story of Joseph and his mission to make a positive impact on his community.

Origins and Objectives:

Bee Raising Group Ltd was founded with a vision to address the lack of job opportunities for youth and young women in the Kirehe district. Joseph’s aim was to create a sustainable business that would not only generate income but also contribute to the local economy. By harnessing the potential of beekeeping, the company offers employment to seven individuals, including three full-time employees and three part-time employees.

Diversifying Products:

Beyond honey production, Bee Raising Group Ltd utilizes beeswax to create a range of value-added products such as lipsticks, candles, body lotion, soap, shoe polish, and raw wax. This diversification not only expands their product line but also offers additional income streams for the company. Moreover, the use of honey as a substitute for sugar promotes healthier lifestyles, reducing the negative impact of excessive sugar consumption on the community’s health.

Overcoming Challenges:

One of the significant challenges faced by Joseph and his team is the variability of seasons. During the rainy season, productivity is lower, while the hot/summer season brings about a significant boost in productivity, occurring twice a year. To mitigate this challenge, Bee Raising Group Ltd employs both modern and traditional beekeeping techniques, ensuring consistent production throughout the year.

Inspiration and Support:

Joseph drew inspiration from other successful beekeepers in his area, motivating him to initiate positive change in his community. In pursuit of his vision, he received support from various partners, including GIZ Rwanda, the Kirehe district and DOT Rwanda through the Community Leadership pillar of the Daring to Shift project funded by Global Affair Canada to supports young women and men to become leaders in their communities through real-world placements where they run skills development programs in their own communities. These partnerships have played a crucial role in providing the necessary resources, training, and guidance to help Bee Raising Group Ltd flourish.

Vision for the Future:

Bee Raising Group Ltd envisions becoming a leading supplier of quality honey, not only within Rwanda but also to other countries worldwide. By maintaining a focus on both product quality and quantity, Joseph aims to position his company as a reliable source of honey products, benefiting both local consumers and international markets.

Through the determination and entrepreneurial spirit of Nsengimana Joseph, Bee Raising Group Ltd has become a catalyst for change in the Kirehe district. By creating employment opportunities, diversifying products, and striving for excellence, Joseph and his team are not only improving their own lives but also making a positive impact on the lives of others in their community. With their vision set on a future of growth and expansion, Bee Raising Group Ltd is set to inspire and empower more individuals in the years to come.

Written by Iradukunda Benimana Martine

DOT Rwanda YLAB Member