How NIYOMUBYEYI Marie Faustine is revolutionizing the Rwandan wine industry with locally grown fruits

NIYOMUBYEYI Marie Faustine is a Rwandan entrepreneur who is making waves in the country’s wine industry. With her company VYNES Limited, she is producing wines from locally grown fruits such as grapes, pineapple, and banana.

Faustine saw an opportunity to create a new market for wine in Rwanda by using ingredients that are abundant in the country. By doing so, she not only offers a unique product but also supports local farmers and contributes to the country’s economy.

Establishing a wine production company was not an easy task for Faustine. She faced several challenges, including convincing people that a woman can produce a quality product and that winemaking is not strictly a man’s job. Another issue was sourcing quality packaging materials and processing equipment that met the required standards.

However, with perseverance and support from the DOT Rwanda’s Daring to Shift project funded by Global Affair Canada under the pillar of Social Entrepreneurship to support young women and men (aged 18 -35 years) to identify opportunities to make a difference in their communities and turn their business ideas into enterprises that address important community challenges. , Faustine was able to overcome these challenges. She has ordered a machine that will improve the quality and maximize the production of wine, and she plans to acquire land to build a plant and expand her operations. Her goal is to employ at least 10 people and contribute to the growth of Rwanda’s wine industry.

Faustine’s story is an inspiring example of how one person’s vision and determination can make a positive impact on society. By using local resources and creating jobs, she is contributing to the development of her country and inspiring others to follow their dreams.

If you’re ever in Kigali, be sure to visit VYNES Limited and taste their unique wines made from locally grown fruits. You won’t be disappointed!


Written by Aime Iradukunda

DOT Rwanda YLAB Member

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