DOT Interns

DOT Rwanda Interns

Who DOT Rwanda Interns are:
  • Young graduates from Rwandan universities and colleges (aged 21-29)
  • Passionate about creating change in Rwandan communities
  • Agile, determined, energetic young leaders

What DOT Rwanda Interns do:

  • Provide technology, business, and skills training opportunities to vulnerable populations through DOT Rwanda's programs in partnership with various Rwandan community-based organizations
  • Become mentors, coaches, trainers, role models, and leaders of change in their communities
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DOT Interns are college and university graduates who provide technology, business, and skills training opportunities to people in their own communities.

DOT Rwanda Interns are recruited from local universities and colleges. They receive intensive training in facilitation, coaching, mentoring, technology, and communication skills, and are placed in communities they are familiar with to deliver DOT Rwanda's programs.

During and after their 9-month internship, the young people who deliver DOT Rwanda's programs gain essential 21st century workforce readiness skills through on-the-job experience and ongoing professional development.

DOT Rwanda Interns create their own strong peer networks during their DOT experience and they maintain access to a large online community made up of thousands of past and present Interns, where they can continue to engage in professional development, learning and networking opportunities.

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Harnessing the power of youth, DOT Rwanda transforms young people (DOT Interns) into become leaders of change as they deliver information and communications technology (ICT) training in their own communities.


"It all starts with an evaluation of strengths that people have within. This exercise helps them acknowledge their inner capacity and build self esteem. With this, Gilbert, one of my participants, realized that he is social, approachable, and a good communicator. These characteristics will help him provide good customer care services once he starts a business." -Eric Rukundo, DOT Intern

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